How to Present a Children’s Tupperware Party

As a Tupperware consultant, one of my favorite things to do is to hold fun-filled themed parties. My hostesses love it and so do the guests, causing them to spend more money and book more parties.

One of my favorite theme parties to have is a children’s party. This is where a group of moms and their kids all come to one big Tupperware party.

Now, the way that your party is designed and the products you present are all going to depend on the age group of the children you have at the party. But most will follow a certain pattern.

You’ll want to have child friendly foods available at your party. Make the food nutritious, but fun. And make sure you serve it all on Tupperware products.

Your party games should include the children, whenever possible. Obviously, if your guests are infants, this would not be a possibility, but for the preschoolers and school aged children, including them and offering them a small prize from your Tupperware goody bowl will go a long way towards making them happy.

After a game, encourage the children to play with some of your Tuppertoys or to do a fun craft. I use the Tupperware stencils and a Modular Mate full of crayons, but you can find inexpensive crafts at Oriental Trading Company if you would prefer.

Once the children are happy and occupied, you can do your home party presentation, and demo items that the moms in your group can use. Tailor your demonstration around the age group of the children.

For a group with mostly infants, demo all the baby feeding items in the current catalog, as well as Midgets for storing baby formula on the go. Another good item, our Modular Mates Square #2 to store homemade baby wipes.

Preschool mothers might get more value out of our line of Tuppertoys, as well as various products that they can store snacks in on the go. Don’t forget to point out that Modular Mates make excellent storage containers for crayons and other art supplies.

School aged children will love all of Tupperware’s licensed lunch items and tumblers. They can bring their favorite characters to school in a quality product. Seasonal cookie cutters and children sized mini-Tupperware are also a hit with this age group.

If your moms have brought along older children and teens, get them involved with the household cooking. Show them products that will help them cook at home. You can even have high schoolers fill out a Tupperware wish list for products they want for graduation.

Regardless of which age group children you have, make sure you touch on some products such as the Microwave Stack Cooker which will allow mom to save time in the kitchen. Modular Mates for storing snacks and Cereal Storers are also big hits with families.

Parties with children can be a huge hit! Moms tend to buy more for their children when they are present, and everyone has a lot of fun.

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