Are You Open To Receive In The Present?

Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights.

We welcome you to this community of Love and Acceptance with Joy.

I love you. I Love You. I Love you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

Bless you.


Are you open to receive in the present or are you Not?

Are you attached to yesterday and the days to come?

Are you living where you were in your early days?

Are you living in your future days?


Are you present with all that you are? With yourself? With your loved ones? With your Creator?

In the present is the moment to receive. In this moment of oneness, with the Source of all creation, is the time to be fulfilled with all that you receive. In this moment of re-newness is the time to make transactions and transform your life inside and out.

How much are you living in the present?

Are you in fear? Yes/No

Are you in doubt? Yes?No

Are you in worry? Yes?No

Are you in your reality? Yes/No

Are you ready to move on? Yes/No

Are you making the necessary changes of your life that will empower you? Yes/No

Are you controlling? Yes/No

Are you aligned with your Soul? Yes?No

Are you open to receive in the present moment? Yes/No

What will take place when you do open up to receive in the present? Wonderful, Miraculous things.
And what will happen when others receive from you? Love, Acceptance, Unity, Connection and Oneness.

Are you open to receive in the present? Yes/No

Today I encourage you with Love and Care to set aside a few moments and be very clear with yourself.

Ask this question of yourself – Am I open to receive in the present moment?

Am I worthy of receiving in the present moment?

Get what you get and if necessary shift your consciousness into the Oneness by allowing yourself to be open to receive in the present. You will benefit, your Loved ones will benefit and Humanity will benefit.

When you are fulfilled within, then you are fulfilled without.

The Universe or your God Loves to Love you by answering your prayers. Simply allow yourself to be open to receive in the present. For you are truly worth what Love has to offer.

Bless you and so it is.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please feel free to forward and share these Insights with your family, friends, associates, helpers, boss, teachers, students and enemies to create a space of openness to create Oneness.

May the love and light of God and the Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the planet earth. For our healers and coaches creating Transformation inside and out.

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With Love, Gratitude and Respect,

Michelle Morovaty

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

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