6 Questions to Find Out If You’re a 20th Or 21st Century Presenter

Last week I attended a training exhibition and was disheartened to note how many presenters were still using traditional presentation methods, which weren’t engaging people and in some cases appeared to be sending them to sleep.

And my colleague, Ann, was complained to bitterly (again!) about the number of people who think they’re a good presenter or a competent trainer, simply because they are experts at something and can put a PowerPoint presentation together!

Here’s an opportunity to be really honest with yourself.

- Do you create an environment so that people are motivated to stay listening and can easily take in your information?

- Do you incorporate awareness of different brain functions in how you present?

- Do you input, even technical, information using all 5 senses?

- Do you use the 8 major intelligences to make information understandable to everyone?

- Do you anchor multiple memory triggers to ensure information is easily recalled later?

- Do you review learning at least 3 times within the first 24 hours to make sure it sticks in long term memory?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to all the questions then you’re a 21st century presenter because you are giving your audiences the very best opportunity to absorb information in a way which works for them, to remember what they’ve learnt, and to go back into their lives and workplaces and get measurable results from their learning.

If you haven’t answered yes to any then that’s fine because you can quickly learn how to become a 21st century presenter and make sure your audiences remember more of what you present.

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